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Site Design/Manage the style of your site, post pictures, images, and descriptions. Menu/Update and sort categories, items and options. Works on all smartphones, tablets and any other devices. No more mistaken orders. With POS on mobile, you get accurate order information – every time. Focus on serving your clients.


Mobile technology can be a real advantage to the restaurateur in terms of money savings, revenue increases and overall client satisfaction. We believe that a restaurant POS system should be inexpensive and accessible to everyone! That is why contrasting other providers, our costs are exceptionally low.


Point-of-sale systems are the core of your restaurant. And we Know it. We offer fast and online support. High quality of online instruction and maintenance. Direct and 24/7 online support where needed

Your restaurant´s menu in their hands. anywhere


FRIENDLY INTERFACE Custom mobile friendly menus, planned specifically to meet your customers menu ordering needs. POS on mobile is the most complete, flexible and customer friendly POS system existing on the market currently.


Mobility Actually, it is important to be as fast as possible. Mobile ordering has never been so simple and advanged. No matter what kind of venue you have, you want a POS mobile that works on all mobile devices whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other device.


FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE You can add graphic, pictures, descriptions, nutritional information and more. Your business provided a custom branded mobile site that works in combination with your regular site. Your restaurant in a mobile device.


EMPLOYEE EFFICIENCY POS software is calculated to help restaurants work smoothly. By standardizing the entire business management process, the software deeply improves serving speed. Our POS software is flexible and can be easily customized to increase efficiency and serve more customers, faster. Use our POS to serve customers swiftly and accurately.


GREAT ADVANCED FEATURES Email Marketing and Promotional System, Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty. Google maps and social networks integration. Very affordable licensing allows to be used from small family-owned restaurants to large chains.


BUSINESS REPORT POS do much more than the typical Restaurant POS that are basically a place to store cash. In contrast, a personalized POS will allow your trade does so much more: take client orders, perform high-speed credit card dealings, track inventory, order supplies, manage labor, and much, much more. POS will help your restaurant increase efficiency and eliminate waste in supplies and manpower.


Prepared for a change? Welcome to the future. POS on mobile systems is here.

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The demand for mobile POS options is growing. Keep your restaurant updated.

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Watch ours videos and learn to use POS on mobile. It`s easy, fast and secure.

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Your restaurant

Delicious food and taste. Good ambience. Great customer’s services. Excellent menu.


Our POS on mobile

Lower cost. Completely mobile. Business report. Friendly and Customizable.

  • Money savings
  • No more mistaken orders.
  • Increase Revenue & Order Frequency.
  • Increase service speed.
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.

    We are proud of our stellar and quickly growing client list. Our customers are everything to us. “I would just like to say thank you to POS on mobile for all they have done for my restaurant” A happy customer.

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  • Mobility

    Now the mPOS systems follows the server, servers don’t have to crowd around a single, wired POS station.

  • Fully Customizable

    You can add descriptions, graphic, pictures, nutritional information and more

  • Friendly Interface

    Custom mobile friendly menus, planned precisely to meet your consumers menu ordering needs


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How will I know which POS system I need?
Posted on November 16, 2012
Finding the correct POS system is one of the most serious operating decisions a business faces. There are literally hundreds of retail software packages available these days. A POS system should help ..
What can we do for you?
Posted on October 31, 2012
Are you looking for POS systems for your business with all the same features of other big names at a price you can pay for? The search is over. POS on mobile offers restaurant operators of all size ..



POS system offers a totally mobile point of sales for restaurants and offers the restaurateur an exceptional tool set and a really mobile experience that is easy to use, reliable and affordable.

  • POS on mobile has all the features you need to help grow your business.
  • Easy and fast Implementation.

The mixture of well-read displays, easy navigation and touch technology guarantee that error are reduced and that the bar and kitchen orders are passed perfectly.


Marco Bonzati

I am happy to share my experience in using POS on mobile. This system is very expansive; we have been using it for the last 6 months and have yet to fully utilize all of the capabilities and reports that it can provide.

Paul Thompson

Great features and simple to use. A clean user interface. Also when I called, there was a person to answer all my questions. I would like to thank you very much for this POS! I am very happy so far and really appreciate it!

Martin DiMillio

A great friend of mine is in the process of opening a full service. I cannot think of a better company for their POS needs. Because it’s an excellent system with all the features a restaurant needs no less no more.

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